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wow..... just wow.....

The end of the World Kite Cup has come with a massive bang. It is so hard to accurately capture all that we have experienced in the past 10 days. The final weekend was dedicated to demos, and while Saturday was rough to fly in with the rain and the wind, Sunday was pretty much canceled until late in the evening after many kite fliers had gone home. Sunday brough winds in excess of 45 kph with gusts over 70 and large rain squalls. The sport kite fliers retreated to the big tent, waited through lunch and then sadly heard the call off of all activities for safety.

But that wasn't the end for everyone. The USA Sport kite Team came home, did a debrief of how they felt the whole week went, discussed the future, and then set out for one last hoorah. Taking music and dance moves with them to each of the remaining sport kite teams in the same holiday park. At one point there was a mega fly style dance party in the middle of the grass between homes.

No words can truly sum up the camaraderie, the beauty, the experiences of what happened here. Maybe in time as we review the footage for the future video clips and work on releasing more details about the future of sport kiting (and specifically in the USA), we will have a better chance to convey the details of what happened.....

Even now as the eyelids droop, and my mind starts thinking about how in a day I will finally sleep, and that at some point I will start to come down from this massive high...... I remember that I did not post the final scores of the event.

In first place: Team France

Second Place: Team Netherlands

Third Place: Team Germany

Tied for Fourth Place : Team USA and Team UK

Fifth Place: Team Spain

Sixth Place: Team Colombia

Seventh Place: Team Canada

Eighth Place Team Taiwan

Pardon me while I take a little nap.... and I will publish more shortly.

Photo courtesy of Colin Wilson of Team Canada that caught me catching a power nap midday after lunch for 10 minutes.

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