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2024 World Kite Cup - Daily Recap - Final day of competition

Updated: May 10

The last day of competition brought the final discipline - Team flying.

Final captains competition meeting. Weather looks rough today with no/low wind coming from land and rain in the forecast.

Captains and organizers are discussing options that not only are fair to the competition, but also keep the program moving along

Team Canada is up first, a six man pack of dual lines and they float across the sky in the super light winds!!! Kite - Avatar lite by Atelier.

Team Spain is up next on 3 quad line kites showing everyone the power that comes from 3 people that work closely together. Bravo!!!

Next is Team USA, a team that came together in the last two months just for this....the wind drops to almost nothing two beats in.....and they work every inch of the field. This team should be freaking proud of working so hard!!!!! Kite - Djinn by KiteForge

Team Germany up next who crank out across the whole field and work every single inch. They rightfully called for a wind check a minute before their competition...

It's now team Taiwan....and like the others they are working hard in the no wind. Ending up backed against the barrier and struggling to gain ground without losing sky

It's time for Team Netherlands who pulls out mission impossible and stays as close to the downwind half of the field as possible. It's the only place with a breath of wind!!! Team Netherlands is represented by the well known team Flying Squad flying on Detox Quads.

The Hometown Heroes of Team France are up and able to sneak in a few half axels and a refuel an how they have an intimate knowledge of this beach and it's winds

Last in the team discipline is team Colombia. They get a small bump of wind and ride it out as James Bond with a clean dual line three pack. Kite - Sentinel Prime SUL - XP kites

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