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In this episode Nic O'Neill sits down with Paul de Bakker, a frequent guest on the Sportkite Podcast and not only an avid kite flier and designer, but in his professional life he is a composites engineer for He dives into the nitty gritty about the differences between the kinds of spars you might find in a sport kite (specifically carbon fiber and fiberglass). The same technology and techniques used to make your kite flexible or rigid, are the same used to make the landing gear for the Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars!! (Yep, he designed and made those too). This is just the start to better understanding the materials that go into sport kites. Hope you enjoy!


In this episode I recap some of the great points, questions, and comments that were shared in the sport kite fliers virtual chat we had just this last week. If you are interested in watching the whole two and a half hour chat, hop on over to and click on the ‘videos’ tab and find the way to the video called ‘kite fliers chat for April 2021’.  We are hoping to have a few more of these and make them available for everyone to join. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and on the website to find out when the next one is scheduled. 


In this episode Nic O'Neill talks with Paul de Bakker about the importance of your feet and legs when it comes to sport kite flying. Whether you are interested in trick flying, or just refining your control of the kite, your legs are often times the most overlooked tool in your toolbox.


In this episode I talk about the website and why started this podcast. Why there seemed to be a need for it, and a call for your questions and expertise!


In this episode we rejoin Devin Cobleigh Morrison, Zach Gordon, Hunter Brown, Spencer Watson and Paul de Bakker, all with varying levels of experience in flying and designing. We discuss how different elements of sport kite design influences your flying, your style, your progression, and more. 


In this episode I venture out solo to talk about something that I think is fun and awesome, and sometimes the hardcore sport kite fliers shun and shy away from, and that is…. Tails. I figured this was a good time to get into a discussion about pulling tail, what tails do, and why tails can be a super fun.


In this episode we continue with Part 2 of the old school vs new school conversation with Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, Zach Gordon, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Spencer Watson.

Thank you for listening to this episode of the sport kite podcast. We hope to be bringing you something new every week! Like next week we will be doing another episode for just the beginners out there with more tips, tricks, and talk of some of the fundamentals.

Don’t forget to find on Facebook and give it a like and follow, and check out the website and watch this resource grow! If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you, you can reach us at or drop us a line on Facebook. By the way, if you like what you have heard here and would like to see it continue, consider becoming a supporter. Go to Thank you for listening…. Till next time!


In this episode I talk with Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Spencer Watson about new school vs old school tricks. How do we define it, is there a clear definition? Does it really matter? You may notice that my microphone has a few issues when I am moderating the conversation. Thankfully the guys deliver with some great viewpoints and thoughts and the conversation just moves right along!


In this episode we are taking a little bit of a break from the group discussion, and I am going to take a moment to dive into some basics of sport kite flying. If you are a super experienced flier, this might not be the episode for you, or maybe you will hear something and it might encourage you to share your thoughts. As always, we would love to hear from you, whether you agree, disagree, or find yourself talking back at the podcast like we are in the room with you. Find us on facebook under Or, you can always shoot us an email at
By the way, if you like what you have heard here and would like to see it continue, consider becoming a supporter. Go to


This is the last part of our initial four part conversation talking about sport kite flying and progression, and in this one Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, John McCracken, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Zach Gordon delve into imagining what a new sport kite competition would look like. Devin kicks it off with some insight into perhaps why sport kite competition has declined in popularity over the last decade. Zach breaks down what would make or break competition regarding spectators. Hunter, as the guy who never competed, suggests real time scoring and drama are critical. Paul adds some historical perspective from Tricks Party style format. I then chime in with some of my experience training for an ultra trail race. John then guides the conversation into some of the infrastructure changes he sees are needed. Ultimately, we all agree that the future ahead may come from events like a Sport Kite Camp. Free form, free flowing, exchanging of thoughts.


In this episode Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, John McCracken, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Zach Gordon talk about if competition is necessary for learning how to fly Sport Kites. John kicks it off with some insight into a personal approach to competition Zach adds that competition is perhaps the easiest way to engage with other fliers. Devin gives us some insight into how facing intimidation and vulnerability is a part of the learning process. For Paul competition helps deal with discipline and adaptation. Perhaps there is something to learn from our approach to competition, and how it may change our progression as kite fliers. Let’s get started.

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