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You have picked up your first kite, you can set it up, can turn left and right, and now you want to take it up notch... this is the place for you!

resources - This website is an invaluable resource for kite fliers, including tutorials, forums, magazine archives and more. 

Prism Kites -  WAY TO FLY VIDEO This video is one of the best all around videos for an introduction to 'intentional' sport kite flying, and lays a foundation for trick flying. 

some light reading

Understanding your kite - what is this thing?

Your Kite - Trick flying or Precision Flying

Beginner Patterns: Volume 2

Establish the basics - First Tricks


Most of the videos in this playlist are from a wonderful world of creators and enthusiasts. Please consider supporting and subscribing to their channels. 

This channel is coming soon!
Sport Kite Podcast Episodes
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