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*in all seriousness, the guys are working on adding a little information about themselves... as soon as the wind dies down and they come off the kite field!



Founder of and Fortuna Found. Budding Sportkite flier, and passionate about kites


paul de bakker

Mutliple time Dual Line Champion in Ballet, Kite Designer, and Composites Engineer. Known for not only designing the 'Amazing' with Level One Kites, The Jinx, The Skate, and many other award winning designs. Co-founder of Focus Kite Designs with Hunter Brown. 

Has also designed really cool things like the Landing gear on the Mars Helicopter (Ingenuity) (7).png

Hunter Brown

Co-founder of Focus Kite Designs, exceptional builder and craftsman.


Devin Cobleigh-morrison

I also like shiney things, cofounder of Canvas Kite Designs (7).png

john mccracken

I make pretty things for Canvas Kite Designs


Zach gordon

Los Angeles based dual and quad line kite flyer, member of The Chicago Fire Kite Team, music composer, and disc golfer.

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