your progression

Are you looking where you can go with sport kite flying? Well.... hopefully this page can help! It is a very big work in progress, so please keep in mind that things are being added and updated every week. The categories are loosely defined, so if you are beginner but feel that you really want to push your training, or you are a super advanced flier but want to break down things into the basics, don't be afraid to jump around a little. This is meant to help create a pathway for those wanting to learn and progress.

Brand New

Have you just bought your very first sport kite, or maybe you are just looking around trying to pick one??? Start here.


You have the basics of launching, landing and turning left and right down, and maybe you can do a little bit more, maybe not. This spot is for you.


You have your first kite, and now you want to fly. A little bit of a refresher on set up of your kite, and some the first moves or tricks you will learn.


You have the basics down solidly and want to advance or refine your flying. This is the spot for those that really want to push the edge, or are looking to up their game.