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Sport Kite Camp

What is Sport Kite Camp? It is a gathering for sport kite enthusiasts that focuses heavily on the fun stuff. Don't expect to find designated fields, heavy competition, requirements, egos, or hard and fast schedules. 

What you will find is a group of people that share this crazy sport, a chance to hang out and fly other peoples kites, shared meals, brainstorming ideas around a campfire, and some of the best flying you may ever experience. 

Who should come? Everyone, of all abilities from the most experienced to the one that just bought their first sport kite yesterday. 

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This is a free event for Sport Kite Enthusiasts, whether you are brand new and flying a sport kite for the first time, or have been flying for years and have the trophies to prove it, this is the place to be. The structure is purposefully left a little loose so we can adjust to the people that are there and what they want. It is up to you how much you want to participate, and also up to you to tell us what you would like to see! Some folks just want to be there and fly with their friends, and some want to pick the brains of experienced fliers and hone their skills. The space and people are available for all of that! 


Some things you can expect to be there :

1. Learning opportunities

2. Shared stoke with other folks

3. Pairs and team flying - if you want

4. Gear talk

5. Tips and technique review

6. All of the good stuff.


Sport Kite Camp Beach HQ!!


Look for this tent as the central meeting spot

No upcoming events at the moment