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2024 World Kite Cup - Quad Line Pairs Competition day

Updated: May 10

Starting off the day with a mega fly and heading into round one of quad line pairs flying. Word has been passed down that starting today we will not know the final ranking of disciplines till Saturday. Keeping all of the teams in suspense waiting to find out where they placed in each discipline, but also overall.

Starting the competition is Team Canada with Claude Daviault and Michel Gagnon tossing some close rotations and swaps to side slides in the middle of the wind window. Did we tell ya the wind is cranking?

Then Team France with Bruno Duval and Jean-Pierre Dravigney stomps the ground work then plays with spacing through their figures. Near, far, mirrored, asymmetrical.

Round 2 of quad line individual is team Germany with Tim Reub and Heiner Scheil pull out a routine with sharp corners and flowing curves, ending in an intentional fly through of the lines and crossed kites sliding gently to the ground.

Then Team UK with Josh Mitcheson and Harry Neal kick off with some call and answer style of flying then a strong matching flying throughout. The kite they are flying is the Fulcrum 85 Supervent.

Round 3 - the sun is out and it's now team Taiwan with Chiu Yung-Ching and Lai Ming-Yuan show how to pay it back with a flowing style

Then Team USA with the only all women's team/pair of Katrina Bruland and Linzy Abbott with a super clean routine that shows their passion.

Final round of quad line pairs starts with Claudia Hernandez and Andres Marquez of Team Colombia bring a sky full of stars as they add their own flair to quad pairs flying.

Nati Crespo and Jose Fernandez of Team Spain follow with a subtle routine that loved to show us the 45 degree angle. Slide up, down, and diagonally backwards at the 45!!!

Closing out the round is Daniel Hoath and Stephen Hoath representing Team Netherlands showing you can't do it alone, tight turns and clam rolls, and more!!!! Kite - Detox Quad.

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