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2024 World Kite Cup - Quad line Individual competition

Updated: May 10

The day starts off with a little dance party at the USA shack while the wind is light and beautiful. It is gorgeous out, and barely 3-5mph of wind. The quad line individuals from each country get some much needed time practicing before the afternoon competition. We start the day off with dual line mega fly with about 40 or so pilots.

Competition starts after lunch and the wind has also come up to around 11mph, coming off the water generally clean and beautiful.

Kicking off the quad line individual competition is Team Columbia with Oscar Leonardo Munoz with a strong classic mix of music. A small line snag doesn't stop him from going for a massive full from the top of the wind window falling catch.

Next is team USAs Spencer Watson 'breezing' in with a routine packed with subtle complexity and a few axels and crisp reverse flight.

Next up is Stephen Veerstegh of Team Netherlands with some pumping dance music that brings forth some floaty axels and punchy groundwork.

Followed by team Canada's Mathieu Champagne who works his magic and uses the whole length of the field to keep pumping his Djinn Standard through to the end.

Next is Tim Reub of team Germany showing that axels and reverse flying sharpness are the flavor of the completion. A slight drop in the wind mid routine doesn't keep him from flying clean

Followed by Giuseppe Rodriguez of Team Spain let's us know "daddy is getting hot and doing something unholy" with his song. For those not aware of the viral tiktok song, just know that he threw down some fiery moves.

Team France sends Jean-Pierre Dravigney and there is a false start with the wrong music. Quick shout out to the field director for getting on top of it within seconds and cutting the music a few moments later he gets started with the right music and shows that the music mishap didn't phase him at all.

Team Taiwan's Chen Chiu Jeng flys to a song with comical sneezing sound effects, and sends the kite downward on each 'achoo'.

Finally is Josh Mitcheson of team UK comes in on a Fulcrum 85 Standard with some diagonal and horizontal slides, some fast flipping tricks, and tight fast spins without losing altitude.

Current scores after dual line individual and quad line individual.

Quad line individual ranking

1. France - Jean-Pierre Dravigney

2. Netherlands - Stephen Veerstegh

3. Germany - Tim Reub

4. US - Spence Watson / UK - Josh Mitcheson (tie.....again)

5. Spain - Giuseppe Rodriguez

6. Columbia - Oscar Leonardo Munoz

7. Canada - Mathieu Champagne

8. Taiwan - Chen Chiu Jeng

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