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World Kite Cup 2024 Day 1 - Demo Day

A round of flight delays kept part of TEAM USA SPORT KITE TEAM from arriving on time for the shuttle, so they used their time wisely. Stick practice of the pairs routines, discussions about field etiquette and more mental prep kept the team focused.

Upon arrival at Paris, 5 members of team USA ended up train hopping through the french countryside. Quite an interesting moment with trying to get all of the luggage swapped through the train doors in the minute or two minutes that the train stops to swap passengers.

The team rolled into the chalet and met up with the remainder of the team USA. Late into the night, from my bed I could hear not only the sound of toothbrushing, but the distinctive clink of carbon rods, the rustling of rip stop, and some quiet conversation about the mental prep for tomorrow.

Early in the morning we woke to a delivery of fresh baguettes and croissants at the door step.. As we hit the beach, we hear word that unfortunately Team Taiwan is stuck in Paris at the airport without their kites or their luggage. The hope is that they will arrive in the coming days, and not have to forfeit any of their competitions. Team England is also missing one of their members, and may have to forfeit the team flying competition, but still do the individual and pairs portions.

A quad mega fly kicks off the start of the event, with representation from nearly every country.

After the, the field was full of pairs and teams, including the debut of Sky Sisters (US quad pair). They braved a demo in high winds on fully vented kites. Leaving Katrina Bruland and Linzy Abbott, fully exhausted (like many of the other fliers) and seeking refuge in the beach cabin.

Later in the day there was a dual line mega fly that also had general representation from all of the countries. The wind was ripping, and everyone was having to move up and down the beach a lot just to stay in line.

The end of the day brought the welcome from the mayor of Berck, and the fliers debrief, along with the introduction of the judges. Tomorrow follows more demo flying from the group. Competitions start in earnest on Monday.

To see more photos, make sure to check out on Facebook and Instagram.

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