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Team USA - Sport Kite Team - Who is on the team!

A group of individuals has come together to form a team to represent the United States in the upcoming World Kite Cup in Berck sur-Mer, France at the end of April, 2024. Sport Kite Competition and flying has a long treasured past in the United States, and for the first time in many years the United States will be sending a delegation to this premiere world kite event. The team is comprised of a quad line team, a dual line pair, a quad line pair, and individual competitors along with a person serving as support staff.

This team wants to represent not only the United States, but the Sport Kite Community. The sport itself has been going through a big change up; with not only a new influx of dedicated fliers, but a change in the support systems and competition fields for the dedicated competitors and performers. With the coverage of the event, the in-depth sharing of the build up to the event, and the continuous coverage of the highlights but the challenges, the people on this team are also hoping to inspire and encourage the many sport kite fliers waiting to take the field.

Meet the Team

Linzy Abbot - Quad line Team/Quad Pairs

"It is a privilege to represent the United States at this competition, kites full send all day long!"

Katrina Bruland - Quad line Team/Quad Pairs

"I am so honored to represent the USA at this event and to show what we can do. But what I am most excited about is the chance to meet and learn from kiters from all over the world."

Paul de Bakker - Dual line Pairs / Dual Line Individual

"As the only member of team USA that wasn’t born in the US, this event is unique and special, as I will be able to represent the colors of my adopted homeland for the first time. I’m honored to be a part of team USA and hope that my experience as multiple times National champion, both in Europe, as well as the US will benefit the team."

Brett Marchel - Quad line Team / Quad Line Captain

"I take great pride in representing the United States for this historic event. I’m very excited to walk the sand with old glory in hand for all of us! Let’s fly some kites!"

Nic O'Neill - Videographer / Team Support

"I believe that this represents a unique opportunity to not only highlight the people going, but to inspire and encourage the community back in the states, and I am honored to be given a chance to help share that. "

Spencer Watson - Dual Line Pair / Quad Line Individual

"I am looking forward to meeting many of the international kite fliers that I don't already know, and to demonstrate to them how the USA is still a strong force in the sport kiting community."

Scott Weider - Team Manager / Quad and Dual Alternate

"I want to honor the craft of flying kites as a performance art and show that while countries may have boundaries, the fellowship and inspiration is boundless. It is an honor to represent the sport kite community of the United States."

Crystal Wilder - Quad Line Team

"To be invited to compete in France is quite literally the biggest honor and privilege any pilot could hope to receive, and I intend to bring my best to Team USA"

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