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World Kite Cup 2024 - Day 2 - Demo Day

Day 2 started with full recovery from jet lag, rainbows, and a looming weather forecast. All predictions showed that there was going to be some moisture through out the day accompanied with gusty winds. When we arrive on the beach, the USA quad team heads down to start practicing while others team members go for a walk through the town. A few drops of rain start to drop..... hopefully not more. Somehow, in town it was bight blue sky and beautiful, and a block away there was a big gray cloud rolling across the beach.

No matter where the fliers stood, on beach or boardwalk, the wind was stiff and caused more than a few folks to lean in at a 45 degree angle to the wind.

Word comes from the organizer that they want folks to be safe out there, the wind is powerful and don't take risks. We check the predictions, sustained 30kph with gusts over 55kph. Sand is blown airborne, the kite fliers are hunkered down in full rain gear.

Festivities get started a little late with a quad line mega fly after the wind drops a little bit, followed shortly by a lazer megafly. If you don't know what a lazer dual line kite sounds like, let alone a pack of 15 of them, it is what it sounds like when you kick a hornets nest.

The lull in the wind is short lived, and as Panam'air and others attempt to take to the skies, big gusts come along and knock most people out of the sky. In jump in Scott Weider and Spencer Watson on some quad line 'Vickies'. The rain starts coming down hard, and nearly everyone else ducked for cover. The flying this pair pulled off, wasn't the prettiest routine you have ever seen, but it was a site to see! Easily 55mph, sideways rain, and two men out there flying with kites that consisted of hardly more than bridle line and spars.

When the rain cloud passed, and the wind was still ripping, Team USA Quad Line Team headed out to the field and busked a routine together with what they could. Another front blew in, and it was time to call it and head in for lunch. After the much needed break, everyone headed back to the fields for the introduction of the team delegations to the crowds.

People packed the beach as the weather cleared a little more, and we saw Team Colombia, Spain, Sky Sisters (USA), Taipei, and the Flying Squad (flying under the dutch banner) and many more take the field and attempt to do what they could.

The winds remained volatile the rest of the day, with hardly any reprieve for Richard Debray, Fracture (UK), Holland, Berck Kite Team, and everyone else that dared try their hand in the ripping winds.

After dinner, Team USA and Team Canada were seen on the field at sunset practicing for a little bit before the wind kicked back up and the light dropped. Tomorrow the main competition starts with individual dual line ballet.

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