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A "Yo-yo" is anything where you roll the kite towards (or away from) you, so that the strings get wrapped around the kite. A pull then unwinds the kite kinda like a yo-yo.


The easiest way (that only works with some kites) is to give a sharp tug to pull the kite forward and then release with slack so that the kite continues to roll around the lines. Also there's a "yo-yo take off" where you prepare the kite by wrapping the lines around the tips, put it in a normal launch position and then take off doing a yo-yo.
Another way of doing it goes like this:
Start at the top of the window and fly down toward the ground at a 7 o'clock position. Try not to power the kite up too much. Give a quick and fairly firm Axel-like slack/pop with the right hand. At the point when you pop, you must introduce slack into the left line and then immediately afterwards into the right line, too. Then walk forwards to give even more slack.
The "pop" pulls the right wing (actually on the left because the kite is flying down) forward to causes the kite to start rotating around its spine. The pop, if left to spin this way, would end up with its back facing you and the nose still pointing more or less towards the ground. However, the pop followed by the super slack in the lines causes the nose to lift, wrapping the kite up around the lines. As the nose pops fully up into "normal" flying position, the lines are wrapped under and behind the kite and should now rest over the leading edge.

Yet another way to get the kite into a Yo-Yo wrap is to get it into a Flic-Flac and then give an extra hard pop with both hands followed by lots of slack. Less elegant but you can do this pointing in almost any direction. With a little practice, you should be able to get it straight into a wrap with just 1 or 2 "beats" which can be rolled all into a single, swift motion so you can hardly tell there's a Flic-Flac there at all.


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