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LEARNING RUBRIC: Freestyle Kiting: Volume 1

Alternate Suggested Order of Progress - Volume 1: The Basics

Author: Devin Cobleigh Morrison

Reviewed & Edited by Paul de Bakker, Lars Fakkelidj, Zach Gordon, John McCracken, Jim McEvoy, Carl Robertshaw, Jon Trennepohl, Nic O'Neill

Last Content Updated August 1, 2020

Last Edited August 10th, 2021

This is meant as a learning or teach rubric, not as an instruction manual. Each group operates as it's own progression, so you could be working two groups in parallel. Or rearrange the order of groups. For example Zach Gordon has taught in the following order: Group A-C-D-B-E-F-G-H


A: Flight and Tension Group - exploring sensitivity and contact from the kite

1. "Basic" flight: cutting shapes in the sky with the three staple turn types, with good speed control. Acknowledge contact with the kite and variants of it within your respective window. Lines are mostly kept taught but supple, maintaining necessary contact from the kite's respective pull. Notice differences in feedback throughout the window.

Three Types of Execution: Push Turn, Pull Turn, Combo Turn

Push Turn - Pushing with hand. To turn right, push the left hand forward.

Pull Turn - Pulling one hand back. To turn right, pull right hand inward

Combo Turn - One hand pushes, the other hand pulls. To turn right, push left and pull right.

Speed Control: Acknowledging the wind window, the kite's tendencies and being proactive to them. For example, walking forward to reduce speed while flying downward. Walk backward as the kite ascends to the top of your window. Move as needed

2. Wing Tip / Tight Turns at 360 degrees or more, both sides, with as little input as possible.

3. Leading Edge Landings and Launches, stepping forward to before landing to lighten impact

4. Cartwheel / Roll Over - Starting with the nose down and the kite resting on one leading edge. Always rolling into the middle of your wind window. Example: if you are on the right leading edge, roll left into the windows center.

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