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First Moves With Your Sport Kite

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

So, you decided to pick up sport kite flying, and you are looking for a learning path.... but where to get started? Well, let's go ahead and start with the basics. If you master these, they will be great building blocks as you progress ahead.

If you click on the blue buttons on the left it will take you to the corresponding trick listing in the trick library.


For the very first time you are flying, consider placing a stake in the ground, loop your handles (on one end of your line) over the stake to secure them in place. Walk your lines out directly down wind of where you are from the stake. Then set up your kite, and attach it to the correct flying lines. Set the kite upright, then tilt the kite back slightly so that there is just enough pressure in the lines to keep the kite in place, but not so far forward that it launches by itself. Walk back to your handles. Carefully pick them up, identify which is your right and which is your left. This might take a bit of unwinding of the lines. Till you get a better feel for all of this keep light to moderate tension on the lines and your hands down about hip level or closer to the ground as you unwind any twists. Now stand up, hands are extended in front of you, directly in front of you. In a somewhat quick motion bring both hands equally back to your hips while taking a step backward. The kite should launch easily into the sky.


Push/pull turn

Speed Control

Learning the Wind Window

Flying Basic Patterns

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