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Chat with Scott Weider Part 2






Nic O'Neill, Scott Weider

In this episode I sit down with Scott Weider for the second part of a two part chat about kites. For those that do not know of him, or his history… well, let’s just say that any introduction I try to do would no where do it justice. He is someone with decades of experience on the sport kite field in his competition years and his time on the big stages around the world.

A side note before we get started. I recorded this on the beach, so at times there is some wind noise. Also this is rather raw discussion without editing, and maybe a few curse words here and there. This is just what it is like to sit and chat and listen to two friends hanging out between some kite flying. So, wherever you are, imagine yourself sitting on a big open beach, the sun on your face, a warm wind blowing up the beach, and you are just hanging out with some of your friends.

Episode 20
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Please note, transcripts and subtitles on this episode may be slightly inaccurate, they are still under revision

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