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Is Competition necessary?





Nic O'Neill, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Paul de Bakker, Zach Gordon, John McCracken

In this episode Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, John McCracken, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Zach Gordon talk about if competition is necessary for learning how to fly Sport Kites. John kicks it off with some insight into a personal approach to competition Zach adds that competition is perhaps the easiest way to engage with other fliers. Devin gives us some insight into how facing intimidation and vulnerability is a part of the learning process. For Paul competition helps deal with discipline and adaptation. Perhaps there is something to learn from our approach to competition, and how it may change our progression as kite fliers. Let’s get started.


Please note, transcripts and subtitles on this episode may be slightly inaccurate, they are still under revision

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