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What is a Sport Kite





Nic O'Neill, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Paul de Bakker, Zach Gordon, John McCracken

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Sport Kite Podcast where we will be talking about any and all things sport kite related. Over the next episodes we hope to talk about everything from how to set up your first sport kite, to more advanced stuff like how to tweak your trick flying, and kind of a little bit of everything in between. I am your host, Nic O’Neill, founder of, and I wanted to thank you for tuning in and listening.

In this first episode we get to meet the other members of the sport kite podcast, and then jump right in to perhaps the most important question when it comes to sport Kites, and that is what is a sport kite. If you would like to know more about the folks on the podcastl, head on over to and click on the podcast link. I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear what you think!


Please note, transcripts and subtitles on this episode may be slightly inaccurate, they are still under revision

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