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Sport Kite Camp - Kill Devil Hills, NC May 2023

The idea behind Sport Kite Camp was simple, and has remained simple from the very start. It needed to be a gathering place for people to get together and share in the simplest form, the joy and excitement of sport kite flying. Given that there are a handful of opportunities already out there for quad line sport kite fliers to gather, we made the decision to focus heavily on dual line sport kites for this camp. It also needed to be a place that the barrier to entry was minimal, the requirements on attendees was non-existent, and the atmosphere retained a level of freedom. This last bit is a critical part of the heart of camp. Not only does it allow for ease of learning from one another, or workshopping of ideas, but it also allows for the natural 'connection building' needed in sport kite flying. Dual line flying in particular, more than many other styles of kite flying is a rather lonely activity. (there are many reasons why... maybe more on that later) So when you can get several folks together it helps to revitalize and encourage each flier!!

PRE Event - Thursday

We finally made the full and real Sport Kite Camp Happen!!! It was an amazing trip to the original home of flight, after a quick trip to the Wright Memorial, we gathered at the house and planned out our weekend together. The crew was split between 2 houses located close together, and we kicked the whole event off with a pizza & beer meet and greet at a brewery with a local kite flier in the live band!

Day One - Friday

After a hearty breakfast together, we headed to Jockeys Ridge State park for camp set up. Kicking it off with a slog across the sand dune to the top where the HQ sportkites tent sat as our main gathering point. Big shout out to local Chris Shultz of HQ Kites USA for providing the tent and joining us on the field for some amazing flying. About 20 or so fliers had come from around the country to fly and share the stoke together! We did some team flying introduction for many, and a gathering of 4 of the rare Prism Synthesis for a group fly!

That evening we were treated to an amazing dinner at the Blue Crab Tavern. A full crab and veggies boil while watching the sunset over the bay. We really couldn't have asked for a better time. If you are ever in the area you really do want to check this place out. One of the best dive bars we have ever been, and totally worth it. Plus, you might see Chris Shultz behind the bar serving up your next round!

Day Two - Saturday

Kicking the day off again with a shared fully breakfast to get us up and running! Part of the overall vibe of Sport Kite Camp is about sharing the whole time together including meals when and where possible. This really helps everyone fully engage in the fellowship of the event.

The day of flying was mainly focused on improving trick flying and refining technique. Some had real break throughs, others just loved the opportunity to be around a bunch of other dual line fliers. By this point, our 'camp' had swelled to something like 24 people!!!

We Finished off the day with a dinner cooked over a bonfire on the beach watching the sunset. It was truly a perfect day, our cups were overflowing with the love and fellowship. We ended the camp that night under the stars knowing we had grown our community a bit bigger, and all gotten a little bit closer.

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