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2024 World Sport Kite Cup - Day 3 - Dual Line Pair

Updated: May 10

It seems to be the way this week that if the dual lines are competing, then it is a strong wind day. Initial predictions had the wind over 15mph, but that settled into a steady 11-15mph through out the day. Morning was dedicated to practice and warmup, and after lunch the competition got under way.

Starting today with a quad line mega fly and rolling right onto the dual line pair competition.

First up is Team Netherlands with Ingeborg Aarts and Stephan Fliers (Fenix pair) that gets us in a smooth groove then slams into a refuel as the music cranks up. The kite they are flying is the Avatar by Atelier.

Followed by Team Taiwan with Chuang ShouHo and Chen Chiu Jung has a set of wind breaks on each kite that make the kite look like it's flying in ultralight conditions, not 11-15mph!

Next round starts with Team Columbia pair of Cristina Road and Hugo Quintero come slinking in like a pink panther and then throw a bit of flair into the mix. A wing wrap bring one flier down for a few seconds, but they shake it off and finish the routine strong! The kite is the 3J project.

Followed by Team Canada's pair suffers a catastrophic tangle of the bridle during a close do si do. They scratch and may be set to re-fly at the end of the final round. Kite - Avatar standard by Atelier.

Next round starts with Frances Maxime Desavoye and Benoit Flament and they nail some perfectly timed mirrored tricks and show what years of flying together can accomplish.

Followed by Team USA Paul de Bakker and Spencer Watson who opt for a quick kite change the moment before starting. A good choice allowing for paired cometes.

Last round starts with Team Spains pair of Jose Garcia and Xavier Garcia. That bRIng a clean routine with crisp landings

Followed by team UK s pair of Josh Mitcheson and Harry Neal with a solid routine that mixed symmetry and asymmetry throughout. The kite they were flying was a Fury Super Vented.

Last up is Team Germany with Thomas Zygar and Marvin Frohwitter "come together" and fly their hearts out!

Dual line pair scores

1 - France : Benoit Flament/Maxime Desavoye

2-Spain: Jose Garcia/Xavi Garcia

3-UK: Josh Mitcheson/Harry Neal

4-US: Paul de Bakker/Spencer Watson

5-Colombia: Cristina Roa/ Hugo Quintero

6-Germany: Thomas Zygar/Marvin Frohwitter

7-Netherlands: Stephan Fliers / Ingeborg Aarts

8-Taiwan: Chuang ShouHo/ Chen Chiu Jeng

9-Canada Mario di Lucca / Colin Wilson

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