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The Future of Sport Kite Competition





Nic O'Neill, Hunter Brown, Devin Cobleigh-Morrison, Paul de Bakker, Zach Gordon, John McCracken

This is the last part of our initial four part conversation talking about sport kite flying and progression, and in this one Paul de Bakker, Hunter Brown, John McCracken, Devin Cobleigh Morrison and Zach Gordon delve into imagining what a new sport kite competition would look like. Devin kicks it off with some insight into perhaps why sport kite competition has declined in popularity over the last decade. Zach breaks down what would make or break competition regarding spectators. Hunter, as the guy who never competed, suggests real time scoring and drama are critical. Paul adds some historical perspective from Tricks Party style format. I then chime in with some of my experience training for an ultra trail race. John then guides the conversation into some of the infrastructure changes he sees are needed. Ultimately, we all agree that the future ahead may come from events like a Sport Kite Camp. Free form, free flowing, exchanging of thoughts.


Please note, transcripts and subtitles on this episode may be slightly inaccurate, they are still under revision

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